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The best Monster Hunter game sees massive resurgence amid Steam sale

Monster Hunter World developer Capcom is currently hosting a Return to World event in the game, which has seen Steam numbers skyrocket.

Monster Hunter World Return to World: a women with blonde hair looks up and to the left

With the announcement of Monster Hunter Wilds at The Game Awards and Capcom running an event encouraging players to return to Monster Hunter World, what many would call the best game in the series is seeing the highest Steam player count in over three years. Tens of thousands are coming back to the game, with that number likely to exceed six figures at once anytime now.

If you’re yet to play Monster Hunter World and want to dive into the series after seeing Wilds being shown off at The Game Awards, now’s the time. There’s a sizeable Steam sale and a massive Capcom event happening right now, meaning it’s cheap to get into and much easier to get on board with than usual.

Many players are doing just that, or returning to the action RPG game after a hiatus, as the Steam player count has skyrocketed after both the Monster Hunter Wilds reveal and the start of the Return to World event. We gave the game a 9/10 in our Monster Hunter World review, so check that out if you want to know what to expect.

Monster Hunter World Return to World: a Steam graph of MHW players

The event started on Monday, December 11, and has seen a peak of 97,006 players on Steam as of publication. The last time World saw players anywhere near that number was with the Iceborne DLC’s final update in October 2020, meaning after three years we’ve seen a massive increase in players.

Capcom is essentially pulling out all the stops to bring veterans back into Monster Hunter World and provide current tutorials and livestreams for new players too, and it looks to be working so far.

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There are multiple versions of Monster Hunter World up for grabs on Steam, but you can get the base version for 67% off until Thursday, December 21 so expect to pay $9.89 / £8.24 on Steam right now.

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