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Mordhau’s medieval multiplayer melee goes demonic in new game mode

To celebrate five years of Mordhau a brand new game mode has just hit the game, revamping the old horde mode with a devilish twist.

Mordhau's medieval multiplayer melee goes demonic in new game mode: New skins for the game Mordhau are shown off here, each with a specific fantasy twist.

Mordhau is one of those games that has never taken itself too seriously. There’s always been a sort of grim comedy at play when you’re fighting for your life on top of some castle ramparts while kicking foes to their deaths far below. Despite the bloody Monty-Python-esque nature of it all, it’s always aimed itself at being in the ballpark of realism. So five years after launch it’s possibly a little bit of a surprise to see demons enter the fray, but, well, here we are.

The 29th patch for Mordhau has just released and as is tradition, it unleashes new skins, weapons, and maps as well as adding a few tweaks and bug fixes. The biggest change to hit the medieval multiplayer game is, however, the introduction of a brand new free game mode that’s here to stay. Titled Demon Horde it’ll replace the existing horde mode in its entirety and thematically it’s taking Mordhau in an entirely different direction.

The biggest and most obvious new thing coming with this new mode is the fact that demons are now in Mordhau. If you couldn’t tell by the name, Demon Horde mode is focused around an invasion from the hellish side of reality, introducing a raft of updated maps all overrun by fell magics and devilish intrusions. Players will fight through a series of objectives before taking on a final battle, fighting off foes and working together to take down the demonic invasion.

A warrior in Mordhau faces off against a range of red-eyed peasants all looking extremely demonic.

One of the most impactful updates is the introduction of a new system of managing difficulty when playing horde mode. Named Prestige, it’ll change the challenge depending on how well you’re playing, raising the difficulty if you win easily and often or making things a little easier if you find yourself losing.

In addition, new weapons are hitting the game including everyone’s favorite old-style boom stick, the blunderbuss. You’ll also be able to bless your weapons at Altars dotted around the mode’s maps, granting new abilities and adding extra damage. There are reworked skill trees, reworked skills, new enemies, some fantasy-inspired cosmetic DLC, and a fair bit more to sink your combat-hungry teeth into.

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As it’s the game’s birthday, players will also be able to take part in the five year anniversary event running from Monday, April 29 through Monday, May 13. Players logging in during this time will get a new banner, new emblem, and get extra gold and experience when playing.

Finally, the game will also be on sale during this time, with Mordhau getting 66% off on both Steam and the Epic Games store between Monday, April 29 and Monday, May 13. If you fancy picking it up for yourself, head over to Steam or Epic to check it out.

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