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Hunt for mushrooms and take wildlife snapshots in this new sim

Morels The Hunt 2 is a relaxing game about foraging for mushrooms and taking photos of all the unique plants and animals that live around them.

There are more than 14,000 mushroom species in the world, and they come in a staggering variety of shapes and colors. Morels The Hunt 2 is about the process of identifying and collecting rare wild mushrooms, as well as observing and appreciating their environments. And hey, you might even see a unicorn.

A relaxing adventure game, Morels: The Hunt 2 sends you exploring a wide variety of locations around the world, from American farmland to Chinese cloud forests. Each region has its own unique fungi to track down: shelf mushrooms, lionsheads, and of course the crinkly topped morels.

The developers explain that this isn’t strictly a mushroom-hunting game, however. While you’re out tracking down morels, you’ll encounter local wildlife and flora, which you can photograph and collect. All of this earns points that can be spent on better gear, such as bug spray to ward off ticks and a headlamp for nighttime hunting.

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You also may encounter mythological creatures in your forays into the woods – apparently there’s a unicorn wandering through the forest somewhere, so you’ll always want to have that camera ready.

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