The best Bannerlord mods

Here are all of the best Bannerlord mods, including ones that add items and change customisation, as well as details on how to keep them in one place


Looking for the best Bannerlord mods? Taleworlds’ sandbox RPG is now out of early access, with fans of the sandbox game series and curious newcomers flocking to make their own impact on the world. Now, through the in-game Bannerlord modding tools, modders have wasted no time creating custom content or altering the game’s code to make it fairer.

The best Bannerlord mods include those that enhance the graphics, adjust character outfits, add new items, and manipulate the surroundings. As the game is now officially out of early access, we’re sure to see even more elaborate mods in the future.

Best Bannerlord mods

Here are the best Bannerlord mods:

Best Bannerlord mods - the detailed character customisation menu showing a slightly overweight man with frizzy hair, wearing nothing but a brown loincloth.

Detailed character creation

While you have many options already, the Detailed Character Creation editor enables you to modify a character’s age, as well as tweak their muscles and weight with full body sliders. You can also rename wanderers and nobles, and override native calls to “change the player’s appearance automatically”.

Best Bannerlord mods - the screen shows a map showing armies and territory owned by multiple players. A black screen with some text appears on the right side, which is the command console window.

Developer Console

Does what it says on the tin. The Developer Console mod allows you to add the developer console to the title screen and use our compiled list of Bannerlord cheats and console commands.

Best Bannerlord mods - the encyclopaedia screen for Pryndor has options to grant fief or send a messenger for more diplomatic relations.


If you’re fed up with endless battles deciding the fate of the kingdom, you can install this Diplomacy mod to activate fun and creative options to cooperate with other leaders. This includes the use of messengers, forming alliances and non-aggression pacts, granting fiefs to clans inside your kingdom, and controls for Vassal Diplomacy.

Best Bannerlord mods - three of the helmets from the Open Source Armory, shown on a background featuring the sky and some clouds.

Open Source Armory

Describing itself as “the number one stop for all custom armour needs”, the Open Source Armory is a combination of many existing, popular mods that add over 1,000 armour, 58 shields, 16 banners, and 21 weapons.

Best Bannerlord mods - the BannerEditor Enhancer gives you more options to customise your banner. Here we see a spear wielder proudly brandishing magenta shield and robes, and flying a hot pink flag with a horse archer on it.

BannerEditor Enhancer

If you want to hold a custom banner that will make your enemies quake in their boots, then the BannerEditor mod is the way to do it. It unlocks even more editing options so you can create brightly coloured masterpieces to charge into battle with.

Lame horses are not lame

It sucks when your horse becomes lame, so if you want to mend your horsie then this simple mod will remove all penalties that come with a lame horse. Poor guys.

Best Bannerlord mods: a small farmstead with trees and a lush field in the setting sun.

Dro’s colour correction

We couldn’t have a list of mods without a graphical enhancer. Bannerlord looks alright, but this colour correction mod slightly enhances the colour making each blade of grass pop to give the game a stunning new look.

Nexus Mods has already created a handy place to store all your Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord mods using its Vortex mod manager. Once you’ve installed the manager, simply use the Bannerlord extension to keep all your mods in one place. Alternatively, you can also use the Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord modding kit, which comes with the game, to keep everything in one place.