Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord mods

Here’s everything you need to know about mods in Bannerlord and how to keep them in one place


Looking for the best mods in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord? Taleworlds’ sandbox RPG is now in early access and has been greeted with a ridiculous player count as fans of the series and newcomers flock. Now modding tools are available in Bannerlord and the studio explains exactly how this works with an introductory video. Of course, modders have wasted no time creating mods for Bannerlord, so here are some of the best.

Taleworlds previously opened up the discussion to the Mount and Blade community, and specifically those interested in understanding how modding will function in Bannerlord and now mods are available and of course the modding community have been hard at work bringing the initial wave of Bannerlord mods for fans to tinker with, and hopefully more will be on the way.

Now with the new modding tools, modders will be able to create more detailed mods, much more effectively – with the best Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord mods including those that enhance the graphics, adjust character outfits, and manipulate the surroundings. Here’s some of the best mods on the market as the game continues to grow in popularity, we’re sure more mods will become available.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord mods

Developer Console

Does what it says on the tin. This mod will allow you to add the developer console to the title screen and use our compiled list of Bannerlord cheats and console commands.

BannerEditor Enhancer

If you want to be the ultimate bannerlord (what even is a bannerlord, actually?), then this customisation mod is the way to do it. It unlocks even more editing options so you can create brightly coloured masterpieces to charge into battle with.

Intro Disabler

Who wants to sit through the intro? If you just want to get on with it, then this popular intro disabling mod is a modding dream to save you time.

Lame horses are not lame

It sucks when your horse becomes lame, so if you want to mend your horsie then this simple mod will remove all penalties that come with a lame horse. Poor guys.

Dro’s colour correction

We couldn’t have a list of mods without a graphical enhancer, although Bannerlord is simply gorgeous, this colour correction mod slightly enhances the colour making each blade of grass pop.

Nexus Mods has already created a handy place to store all your Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord mods using its Vortex mod manager. Once you’ve installed the manager, simply use the Bannerlord extension to keep all your mods in one place.