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Mouse release date estimate, trailers, and news

Take the rubber-hose style of Popeye and Cuphead, add a gritty, noir PI protagonist, and make a boomer shooter and you've got FPS game Mouse.

Mouse release date: A black-and-white image depicts the rubber hose-style Mouse, the eponymous protaganist from the game with the same name.

When is the Mouse release date? We love an FPS here at PCGamesN, and there’s nothing we like more than something new and unique. Mouse ticks all our boxes, then, with black-and-white, 1930s cartoon style graphics in a noir-themed boomer shooter, in which you play as a badass mouse PI.

Set to be one of the best upcoming indie games, Mouse takes what we love about FPS games – gratifying guns, satisfying head pops, and characterful enemies – and gives them a Popeye meets Cuphead style twist. Of course we want to know how soon we can get our hands on it, and we’re sure you do too, so here’s everything we know about the Mouse game release date and what it brings.

Mouse release date: The player character kicks a rubber-hose style cartoon foot through a door, gloved fists in front of them.

Mouse release date estimate

Mouse is due for release in 2025, as confirmed by the developer on the game’s official Twitter profile. However, there is no specific date within that time frame just yet. Mouse is set to release on multiple platforms, covering PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Mouse is made by Fumi Games, an indie studio based in Poland, who is also currently working on Galaxi Taxi, a hand-drawn, Cuphead-style action platformer. Clearly, Fumi is heavily influenced by the 1930s cartoon style.

While no specific release date for Mouse has been confirmed, both the Steam page and official Twitter profile confirms a 2025 release. Galaxi Taxi, meanwhile, shows no expected release date window yet, so we can assume Mouse is Fumi’s current priority.

An enemy mouse approaches the player with a baseball bat in FPS game Mouse.

Mouse gameplay

Mouse is a classic, boomer shooter-style FPS game, only with a black-and-white, rubber-hose inspired art style. From what we’ve seen so far, the arena-shooter takes us around various locations as we defeat gangsters and mobs. Why we’re doing this and what our PI player character are working on still remains unknown.

There are a series of bosses to defeat in Mouse as well, though we’ve only seen one of these, shown in the Spike-D trailer shared below. What we have seen plenty of, though, is the vast array of weapons, including a Tommy gun, a sniper rifle, explosives, a shotgun, and even finger guns.

YouTube Thumbnail

Mouse trailers

We got our very first glimpse of Mouse back in May 2023 with the teaser trailer above, showing the game in its early development stages and focused on combat rather than environment. This was enough to intrigue though, as prospective fans flooded to wishlist the game of Steam thanks to the minute-long debut, which demonstrated explosive barrels, a sniper rifle, and a power-up machine soundtracked by nostalgic jazz music.

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Then, in December 2023, we got to see a bit more of what the game will look like when it’s fully realized, thanks to a gameplay trailer. This trailer expanded on the teaser since the environments have been completed as well, as we can clearly see what Mouse will look like come the release date.

Our PI protagonist explores classic 1930s cartoon surroundings like a naval dock and an industrial factory setting, and we even see the classic trope of a falling piano in the latter. Clearly, Mouse goes hard on the cartoon gags, which leads us to…

YouTube Thumbnail

The Spike-D Mouse gameplay trailer, revealed as part of the triple-i initiative showcase on April 10, 2024. This full trailer provides more of a story and setting than those before, introducing us to Spike-D spinach, a strength power-up Popeye would be proud of. The latest trailer also hints at some previously unseen mechanics such as a grappling hook, jump pads, and a helicopter.

Just writing this has us on the edge of our seat with anticipation for the Mouse release date. However, we’ve all still got some time to fill before then. While you wait, why not try some of the best new PC games right now, or just peruse the other upcoming games, and whet your appetite even more.