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MSI is already planning to release a new Claw gaming handheld

The Claw A1M handheld gaming PC has been such a disaster that MSI appears to be already moving on to new Intel Core Ultra 200 models.

A new MSI Claw has been leaked, named the Claw 8 AI+, alongside a Fallout-branded version of the current A1M model. This new handheld is set to be the first Intel Lunar Lake handheld and MSI hopes it will improve on the company’s poorly optimized predecessor.

The original MSI Claw didn’t come close to featuring on our list of the best handheld gaming PCs due to basic gaming performance issues. However, the new MSI Claw 8 AI+ is set to be among the early adopters of Intel’s Core Ultra 200 chips and Battlemage GPU architecture meaning it could make a huge statement if this technology lives up to the hype.

X post showcasing the Fallout MSI Claw and detail of the MSI Claw 8 AI+

On top of the Claw 8 AI+ being the first Intel Xe2 graphics device, MSI has also revealed a Fallout-themed version of the regular MSI Claw A1M, although we’re not exactly sure why. Both devices were initially leaked by momomo_us on X (formerly Twitter), alongside what appears to be a press release talking about the improvements to the handheld in the 8 AI+ model.

Not only will it be the first Lunar Lake handheld, but it will also boast an improved battery, enhanced LB/RB buttons, and a lighter AC adaptor. This press release of sorts also states that it features an 8-inch full HD display. No product images are shown of the Claw 8 AI+ so it will be interesting to see if the shell design changes dramatically from the first iteration too.

On the Fallout-themed Claw A1M, it’s stated that the design is “inspired by the Vault, Pip-Boy, and robots from the Fallout series”. There is no official word on release dates for the Claw 8 AI+ or this Fallout model just yet, but more could be revealed during Computex 2024 as the week goes on.

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