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MSI customers are canceling OLED monitor orders after firmware news

MSI confirms that software updates won't arrive for some of its QD-OLED gaming screens, and people are threatening to return their displays.

MSI MAG OLED customer complaints

MSI dropped a bit of a bombshell over the weekend, which has seen customers canceling pre-orders and threatening returns of the new MSI QD-OLED gaming monitors. This was all after building up some goodwill following the screen burn-in warranty battle with Asus.

Even though the MSI QD-OLED range stands a really good chance of being among the best gaming monitors on the market, MSI has managed to prompt customers to rethink their purchases after confirming that no firmware or software updates are coming to the two-thirds of the MAG  QD-OLED range.

Instead, only the MPG line will receive updates via a USB-C connector, along with the MAG 341CQP. The news was broken to customers via the Reddit OLED_Gaming community page and it’s safe to say that the response has been… interesting.

Most of the commenters can’t understand the decision to outright refuse to issue updates for what looked set to be some of the most popular lines from the QD-OLED range, especially given the new, low MSI OLED monitor price that was confirmed recently. Given that the MAG line of monitors is considered the entry-level for MSI, many are seeing this decision as indicating that future support will be paywalled behind more expensive monitors.

In some extreme cases, Redditors are showing confirmation of their orders being canceled, proclaiming that they’re glad MSI went public with this info before it was too late.

There’s a dauntingly large wave of responses, but the sentiment remains the same in each one. How is MSI going to justify charging $900 for an OLED gaming monitor, while effectively pulling all future support for it if it isn’t perfect right out of the box?

Well, the MSI US employee moderating the post has clearly grown frustrated with having the same question put to them, and ultimately resorted to responding with “I just work here”.

MSI employee response to customer complaints

While there has been movement on the OLED burn-in warranty, thanks to the competition between MSI and Asus, it looks as though MSI doesn’t intend to back down when it comes to this firmware update decision.

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