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Get a 1TB SSD for under $50 with this half price SSD deal

Finding a top gaming SSD is hard without paying over the odds, but the MSI Spatium M371 brings fair performance and pricing in new deal.

MSI Spatium M371 price drop

If you’re ready to upgrade your dusty HDD, or just need a little extra storage on your gaming rig, the MSI Spatium M371 has just had its price slashed on Amazon by more than half.

While it won’t compete against the best SSDs for gaming, the MSI Spatium M371 is a massive upgrade over traditional hard drives, should you still be using one, or even over older SSDs. At $46.05, this SSD is incredible value as you’ll still be looking at around $60 for similar capacities for most competing capacity drives.

The MSI Spatium M371 is on the lower end, speed-wise, compared to many other gaming SSDs. Given that MSI isn’t known for its storage solutions, a lower price seems like a fair trade-off. Read speeds of 2350MB/s and write speeds of 1900MB/s are handily beaten by products like the Samsung 980, but still ample for most day-to-day tasks and certainly for any sort of secondary storage drive.

Moreover, the difference in speed is easy to swallow when you consider that you’ll be paying $94.99 for the 980, based on current pricing on Amazon. Considering the identical form factor, and that both SSDs are PCI 3.0, paying almost half the price to lose a bit of speed is quite the deal to make.

While Amazon isn’t currently flagging this as a live deal, we can see that the MSI Spatium M371 was recently available for as much as $110.64, although the average price sits at $85.42. This could be MSI clearing stocks or it could just be getting super aggressive with its pricing, although our money is on the former. Either way, that doesn’t change that with SSD prices having crept up in recent weeks, this is a cracking price to pay for a 1TB drive.

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