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Highly anticipated ultra-violent roguelike FPS sets Steam release date

Mullet Mad Jack is a fast-paced boomer shooter inspired by classic anime, filled with gore, guns, and a baying social media audience.

Highly anticipated ultra-violent roguelike FPS sets Steam release date: Jack from Mullet Mad Jack aims his gun towards you, his hair purple, his sunglasses red and green, and a VHS effect all around.

If there’s something we all love it’s a bit of the old ultra-violence, especially when said violence oozes style as well as blood. Thankfully new roguelike FPS Mullet Mad Jack has both. This cyberpunk boomer shooter comes draped in classic anime art, which when combined with fast-paced gunplay and an ever-ticking timer, gets you a recipe for a cavalcade of dopamine bouncing around your brain. And it’s coming to Steam soon with a newly announced release date.

In Mullet Mad Jack you play as the titular Jack, a man who’s been employed to implement a plan. That plan isn’t very complicated, boiling down to ‘shoot a load of people and get to the top of a tower to rescue a hostage’. Still, a plan it is, and in the fine tradition of the best FPS games that’s all you need. Starting at the front tower doors, Mullet Mad Jack compels you forwards, always forwards, in a non-stop shooter that never lets its foot off the pedal.

You see, your employer has a little sting in the contract you’ve accepted. You’re not just climbing the tower blasting all and sundry in a glorious rampage of violence. You’ve got a social media audience as your ever-present companions, watching your performance and rewarding you with more time should you please them.

By default you’ll start with a meagre ten seconds on the clock – fail to kill anyone in that time and it’s game over and you’re booted back to the front door. Start killing and keep killing, however, and that time will begin to go up. It’s never too generous and never lets you rest, instead opting to keep you teetering on the edge of defeat. You’re always on the hunt for the next enemy, the next glory kill, the next bonus, and to earn a few more seconds to extend your run.

The main character in Mullet Mad Jack has just shot a man in the head and earned a few seconds more to extend their life.

As it’s a roguelike, you’ll never experience the same tower twice, with each level randomized as you begin your ascent. Every time you complete a level you’ll be able to purchase upgrades, most of which you’ll lose should you die or if your timer runs out. There are a few permanent bonuses you will be able to carry forward, making it all that bit less troublesome to begin anew after a particularly successful climb.

Mechanics aside, Mullet Mad Jack is a game that yells its inspirations at you, with ’80s and early ’90s anime being at the forefront. As such it’s coated in a bright neon color scheme, spiky mullets (obviously), besuited foes, sunglasses, and every attack drips with the ichor of your fallen foes. It’s an FPS that goes loud with knowing what it is and where it comes from, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

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Mullet Mad Jack will launch on Wednesday, May 15. You can head over to their Steam page now to add it to your wishlist, in anticipation of beginning your mullet-filled adventure.

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