MultiVersus fighting game teases the actual Lord of the Rings

Could the next MultiVersus fighter be the Lord of the Rings himself? Either way, it looks like the MultiVersus leaks of Gandalf and Legolas are pure salted pork

Could the next MultiVersus fighter be the Lord of the Rings himself?

The open beta release of the Warner Smash Bros fighting game MultiVersus is imminent and there haven’t been any leaks or announcements since the alpha in May. Now, it looks like the next MultiVersus fighter – or crossover – is either being teased or has leaked, and it’s none other than the Lord of the Rings himself.

Before MultiVersus was even confirmed, initial leaks reported that Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings would be a part of a new Smash Bros-style fighter from Warner Bros. More recent datamines from May’s alpha test confirmed Gandalf and also reported Legolas as an unannounced new fighter too.

Tolkien characters still haven’t been announced for MultiVersus, but a new tweet has seemingly either leaked the Lord of the Rings crossover – or deliberately teased it. The tweet shows two pictures of a stage from the game, but as user @dwonkt points out, one of them clearly shows the glowing Eye of Sauron reflected in the water. In the alpha, the stage itself clearly features a sinister black tower in the background.

However, this may be a deliberate tease of the Eye of Sauron and the Lord of the Rings rather than a mistake, since the tweet suspiciously states that it’s “the perfect place for a game of I Spy” along with an emoji of a single open eye.

The MultiVersus release date has been confirmed for July, so there shouldn’t be long to wait to find out. Whether we’ll be fighting as Gandalf, Legolas, or the Dark Lord Sauron is another matter.

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