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Multiversus patch breaks all current mods

A controversial Multiversus patch will stop the game loading if the user has any mods installed, effectively killing the modding community until circumvented

Multiversus Patch Breaks All Current Mods Shaggy Charging

A Multiversus patch that was released this week has created quite the shockwave with a certain part of the fighting game‘s community – it has essentially broken the modding community by ensuring that the game will not load if there are any mods installed. Only the vanilla game is accessible at the moment until someone figures out how to circumvent the new restrictions.

As reported by Eurogamer, an intrepid modder named Ghost tweeted out shortly after the Multiversus patch went live, stating that the game will no longer boot if you have mods installed. Pressing home the point that, at this point, the modding scene for Multiversus is essentially dead. Ghost also goes on to urge their followers not to send any hate to the developers.

It is a shame, at least from a consumer’s point of view, that this has happened because the custom characters that were coming out from the modding scene were quite something. Deadpool, a whole host of Breaking Bad characters – even Team Fortress’ Spy has a downloadable model.

It’s been a bit of a turbulent few weeks for Warner Bros. in terms of business decisions, they’ve been removing huge amounts of content from their services for seemingly no reason; it’s starting to leave them with very little goodwill in the eyes of the people who actually consume the products they produce. A healthy modding scene can prolong the life of a game by years – look at Skyrim for a prime example of this – WB would be warned to ignore the wider community at their peril.

For now, you’ll have to make do with the vanilla Multiversus game, but keep an eye on any Multiversus new character speculation for what’s coming in the future. And as always, keep track of the current Multiversus tier list for a guide on who to main next.