Multiversus season 2 to add Looney Tunes’ Marvin The Martian and more

Multiversus season 2 is here, and Looney Tunes' own Marvin the Martian is set to join the fighting game alongside a Game of Thrones stage

Multiversus season 2 to add Looney Tunes' Marvin The Martian and more

Multiversus season 2 is upon us, which brings the fighting game’s initial season 1 run to a close and introduces a slew of new features to the Warner Bros. focused collection of characters that duke it out in a Smash Bros. style arena fighter. There’s a lot added in Multiversus season 2, so let’s take a look.

The biggest addition is undoubtedly Looney Tunes own Marvin the Martian, who’s set to come to Multiversus season 2 at a later date. We don’t know what type of character Marvin will be just yet, but by the looks of him, and from what my fleeting Looney Tunes knowledge is reminding me of, he’ll likely be a light-on-his-feet Mage, or maybe an Assassin, but that seems much less likely.

Multiversus season 2 is also adding a new Game of Thrones map based around the Iron Throne, with Player First Games saying the new Game of Thrones theme arrangement will even dynamically change depending on the action. From the image it also looks like the show’s cog themed intro has returned, which will likely see the map shift and evolve mid match.

There’s also plenty of network and latency improvements, which should see online play and performance improved across the board. “This is just the beginning and we’ll be continuing to invest in and improve in this area,” adds Player First Games. “This is a priority for us and the team is hard at work at making the online experience amazing!”

There’s also a new battle pass with loads of items, like a Ninja Batman, but players are reporting that there are still no premium currency Gleemium rewards baked into the premium battle pass you need to pay for – which is a common practice in other online games with battle passes.

There are also a lot of changes with the Multiversus season 2 patch notes as well, so if you want to know how maps, characters, and mechanics have changed check it out.

Otherwise we’ve got a constantly updated Multiversus tier list that should help you find the best character for your playstyle and class, alongside a look at the best Multiversus mods (just don’t get banned), and yes, one of them turns Superman into Pepsiman, because of course it does.