Multiversus season one release date and Morty set for August

The previously delayed Multiversus season one release date is announced along with a confirmed date for new character Morty and the free game’s next battle pass

Multiversus season one release date - Brunhilde Bugs Bunny, with golden wings and pigtails atop his head

We now have a Multiversus season one release date, after it was previously pushed back by an undisclosed amount. The game’s developer Player First has now confirmed the release date for the Warner Bros fighting game’s first season, along with a release time for new character Morty (of Rick & Morty fame) and the arrival of the next battle pass for the free game.

Multiversus season 1 begins on August 15, Player First says in a post on the game’s official Twitter account. That means players won’t be waiting long to get their hands on the new battle pass, which arrives on day one. However, the developer notes that all the season one content “will not drop on the same day,” but instead “new modes and content will be spread through the life of the season.”

Among these additions is the game’s first post-release new character, Morty from hit TV show Rick & Morty. Rather than being paired together like the game’s Tom & Jerry duo, Rick and Morty will be joining the cast as separate fighters. Arriving before his elder counterpart, Morty will join the Multiversus roster on August 23, says Player First.

Also set to release during season one are several additions announced during the game’s climactic grand finals at the weekend EVO 2022 tournament, where the first competitive Multiversus champions were crowned. First up is the much-anticipated ranked ladder, which will let players compete for ranking points rather than simply competing in casual match-ups.

A ‘classic arcade mode’ is on the way, too – expected to pit players against various AI-controlled opponents in a structured series of fights, much as you might expect to see in other similar fighting games such as Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Details are unconfirmed, but leakers report that the mode will feature up to ten stages with three distinct difficulty settings, and that it can be played both solo and in co-op with a friend.

Finally, a range of new cosmetics are also coming along with season one, including new player banners and icons, and some character variants. The two shown with the announcement are a Robin-themed outfit for basketball star LeBron James and a Norse style Brunhilde Bugs Bunny complete with golden wings and pigtails, based on the 1957 short “What’s Opera, Doc?”

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