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Is MultiVersus down? Server status and scheduled maintenance explained

The fighting game from Warner Bros relaunch suffered with connectivity issues on MultiVersus servers, and regular maintenance is planned.

Is MultiVersus down? Server status and launch issues explained: Batman from MultiVersus stands with one hand raised against a blue sky.

Is MultiVersus down? Warner Bros new fighting game has been in beta for a long time but has finally launched into its full version. Despite reaching some colossal numbers on Steam, the game has hit some teething issues on its first day, with many players reporting server issues and connectivity problems.

If you’ve been experiencing issues trying to play MultiVersus you might be wondering if it’s the game itself which is having problems or if it’s a local issue you may need to troubleshoot. The fighting game has just launched and like many online games it does appear to be struggling a little as players log on. That said, over 100,000 players have managed to launch the game on Steam in the hours after it released, which is a staggering number.

Wonder Woman stands and yawns with boredom during MulitVersus server downtime.

MultiVersus scheduled maintenance

MultiVersus servers are taken offline every week for scheduled maintenance. This Multiversus downtime can be expected every Tuesday at 6pm PDT, 9pm EDT, and 2am BST on Wednesdays.

This was confirmed most recently in an official tweet on May 28, 2024, so likely won’t change for a while. The length of this downtime isn’t set, but you can be fairly sure that if you’re having trouble getting online around this time, this is probably why. For issues at other times, read on to see if there is any unexpected MultiVersus server downtime.

MultiVersus server status

There are currently no unexpected issues with the MultiVersus servers outside of scheduled maintenance. If you’re having issues, make sure it’s not during the time period laid out above.

If you’d like to keep your eye on the game’s server status, your best bet is the official MultiVersus X, formerly known as Twitter, account. Right now, the main issue isn’t related to servers but the Iron Giant character, who has been removed temporarily.

Outside of those issues, some players have been unable to log in and play with PC players in particular being stuck on the game’s authenticating screen. It is not known at this time if this particular issue will be resolved by the maintenance period which just ended, but some players have been receiving this message when trying to log in while the game is offline, which may indicate a capacity issue. We can only recommend trying again now the all-clear has been given and the game is back online.

MultiVersus launch issues

In addition to the connectivity issues detailed above, players have been reporting problems related to the launch. Some MultiVersus players on Reddit have noted that items and purchases bought in the beta have been missing when logging into the full release, though others report that theirs have been intact. It’s important to note, however, that the team behind MultiVersus has been working on issues throughout the day, with purchase issues on Xbox in particular receiving attention.

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MultiVersus is out now on Steam and you can grab it for free over on the main game page. If you’re waiting to be able to play, why not check out guide to all current MultiVersus codes, or our MultiVersus tier list to learn all you need to know about the game’s roster.