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Is Multiversus Steam Deck compatible?

Multiversus is not officially verified for Steam Deck, but the Smash Bros alternative works great on Valve's powerful handheld gaming PC.

MultiVersus art with characters on Steam Deck screen and stage backdrop

Is Multiversus Steam Deck compatible? Despite falling short of a Verified rating, Multiversus runs great on the Steam Deck and is arguably one of the best games to play given its simple boot and play compatibility.

We consider the Steam Deck OLED to be the best handheld gaming PC on the market right now, and this Warner Bros brawler makes for a great way to show off its capabilities.

Is Multiversus Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Multiversus is rated playable for Steam Deck according to Valve’s testing parameters. It falls short of a Verified rating due to requiring the on-screen keyboard for certain actions.

Multiversus runs on Steam Deck without a hitch, featuring stable frame rates and full Steam controller support. These performance boons are usually enough to earn a game its verified stripes, but Valve has held off on its highest honor due to the on-screen keyboard being needed from time to time.

Now that the game is finally back, after the closing of its open beta in June 2023, there was the possibility of a rating change, but given the single reason for it missing out, developers are unlikely to spend too much time worrying about the green tick not being present.

Best Multiversus settings for Steam Deck

  • Resolution Scale: Best Quality
  • VSync: On
  • Anti-Aliasing Method: FXAA
  • Material Quality: Medium
  • Texture Quality: High
  • Visual VFX Quality: High
  • Shadow Quality: High
  • Shading Quality: High
  • Post Process Quality: High
  • Dynamic Resolution: Off

It’s rare that a game runs at its best with no changes needed but Multiversus accomplishes this feat with ease. This is largely down to the Multiversus system requirements setting an incredibly low bar.

Based on the battery draw I see when playing Multiversus on the Steam Deck OLED, you can expect just over two and a half hours of gameplay on a full charge.

The Steam Deck now has over 14,000 verified and playable games in its library. In other words, you should probably try your whole Steam library on the portable, as your on-the-go collection could be larger than you think.

As for that Taz comment above, the Tasmanian Devil might rank high on MultiVersus tier list, but fans appear to have it in for the Looney Tune.  If you’re worried about fitting Multiversus onto your Deck, check out the best MicroSD cards for Steam Deck to help expand your horizons.