My Time at Sandrock romance options

A complete guide to all the My Time at Sandrock romance options we know so far, with all NPCs you can romance and eventually marry should you wish

My Time at Sandrock romance: The player and an NPC talk over drinks

Looking for all the My Time at Sandrock romance options? The latest open-world game from Pathea Games is a spiritual sequel to the popular My Time at Portia, and it’s already proving popular. Like other life games, My Time at Sandrock is all about restoring the community of the titular town to its former glory, and there’s a varied cast of characters that you can interact with and form relationships along the way. Better yet, plenty of them are marriage candidates.

Because what’s a game like Stardew Valley without some smooching? The My Time at Sandrock romance options are already quite varied, although as it has only just launched into Steam Early Access, not all of the NPCs and romance options have been set up yet. As noted on the game’s official wiki, “certain characters are romanceable and are depicted with heart icons on their respective social profile,” but this mechanic hasn’t been implemented for everyone yet, even if they are already confirmed as a romance option.

At the time of writing, there are 17 confirmed NPCs who can be ‘romanced’, with marriage as the eventual outcome. There are ten bachelors and seven bachelorettes, however the player character’s gender doesn’t factor into potential relationships. Regardless of whether the player is male or female, all 17 romance candidates are eligible.

Here are the confirmed My Time at Sandrock romance options:

  • Amirah (bachelorette)
  • Arvio (bachelor)
  • Burgess (bachelor, not yet implemented)
  • Catori (bachelorette)
  • Elsie (bachelorette)
  • Ernest (bachelor)
  • Fang (bachelor)
  • Grace (bachelorette)
  • Heidi (bachelorette)
  • Jane (bachelorette)
  • Justice (bachelor)
  • Mi-an (bachelorette)
  • Miguel (bachelor, not yet implemented)
  • Owen (bachelor)
  • Pen (bachelor, not yet implemented)
  • Qi (bachelor)
  • Unsuur (bachelor)

There is an 18th character, Venti, who is another bachelorette however she hasn’t been developed and implemented into the game yet.

We’re still figuring out how romance works in My Time at Sandrock, but the romance mechanics of its predecessor – My Time at Portia – provide a good baseline in case you’re totally new to the series.

That’s all we know about romance in My Time at Sandrock so far. For more guides, check out this list of great crafting games, and if all goes according to plan we can see this joining our list of excellent games like Animal Crossing, just like its predecessor.