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Naraka: Bladepoint release date - everything we know

The battle royale is coming later this summer

Eagerly awaiting the Naraka Bladepoint release date? You’re not the only one – the Naraka Bladepoint open beta set records as one of the most-played games on Steam, and the demo released as part of Steam Next Fest is garnering masses of attention, too.

The new battle royale game offers substantially different gameplay in comparison to its BR pals like Fortnite and Warzone. Instead of running around looking for guns, you choose from a roster of martial arts experts, and dive into battle using swords, skills, and archery. The map, Morus Island, is designed with vertical movement in mind – players can scale the scenery using grappling hooks, or deftly leap from branches and sprint across rooftops in order to make skilful escapes, or sneak up on a foe.

Naraka Bladepoint also offers incredibly detailed customisation for each of your characters’ appearances. No reason to settle for a Viper Ning who looks like everyone else’s, after all. You can’t tweak a character’s body shape, so you should always be able to recognise your foes’ silhouettes, but you can fiddle with just about everything else. You can even import someone else’s appearance files, or upload a picture of your own face. Amazing.

Naraka Bladepoint release date

The Naraka Bladepoint release date is August 12, 2021. The Naraka Bladepoint demo is currently live and ends on June 22; it is the final beta before the full release.

Is Naraka Bladepoint free-to-play?

Unlike other battle royale games, Naraka Bladepoint is not free. It is currently available to pre-order on the Epic Game Store and on Steam. There are three editions available: standard, deluxe, and ultimate, each offering different bonuses.

Several Naraka Bladepoint characters preparing for battle

Naraka Bladepoint characters

There are six Naraka Bladepoint characters so far. You can use Naraka Blade point character customisation to create or import your own creations. Each character has their own skills and ultimate abilities.

  • Tarka Ji – a warrior with ‘indomitable spirit’, with two great loves: freedom and drinking
  • Matari – an assassin who ‘roams the ruins… like a phantom devil’
  • Viper Ning – the ‘Blind Blademaster of West Kunlun’; her very blood is poisonous
  • Temulch – the ‘Grey Wolf’, a seeker of glory who seeks to honour ‘ancestral legends’
  • Tsuchimikado Kurumi – the ‘Flower of Helioth’, descendant of many Onmyoji masters
  • Tianhai – a man who transforms into a ‘titanic Vajra warrior’
  • Yoto Hime – wielder of a ‘demonic blade’, who feels immense guilt over the blood she spills

Naraka Bladepoint weapons

There are several Naraka Bladepoint weapons, both melee and ranged. They are:

  • Melee: spear, katana, greatsword, longsword
  • Ranged: bow, cannon, repeating crossbow, musket, flamebringer, pistol, swarm (a cannon that releases a hail of arrows)

More weapons and characters have been unveiled as the beta progresses, so we may be adding to these lists when the Naraka Bladepoint release date arrives. Until then, you can brush up on the basics in our Naraka Bladepoint beginner’s guide, or practice leaping through the air with the best parkour games on PC.