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This new necromancy roguelike lets you build your minions bit by bit

Necrosmith 2 sees the return of the roguelike strategy game with tower defense elements, a new day and night cycle, and titanic monsters.

Necrosmith 2 is a new roguelike strategy game that lets you build minions bit by bit - A bearded necromancer commands his undead units.

Ever since the heady days of Command and Conquer, there’s been a simple pleasure in building a base and defending it against enemy onslaught. Such is the way in new Steam game Necrosmith 2, where you take on the role of a powerful necromancer defending their tower using an army of undead allies as you explore the world around you. A sequel to the excellent 2022 roguelike strategy game, itself boasting a resounding 86% Steam rating, you can snag Necrosmith 2 right now at a discount thanks to a generous launch sale.

Necrosmith 2 sees you assembling an army from all manner of fantastical body parts to explore the world around you, while simultaneously defending your own tower from onslaught. Crafting your minions is done by assembling them from an ever-growing range of heads, limbs, and torsos to create unique creatures that you can direct to send out on adventures or hold the fort against attacks.

Each run of this roguelike game sets you out on a procedurally generated map across a range of distinctive biomes, with the ability to bring along a selection of artifacts from your collection to deliver powerful bonus effects. Once the mission begins, you’ll gather assorted body parts along with other resources in the environment and combine them to make ever-mightier minions.

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With hundreds of different body parts to find, the potential for creature customization is vast, and you’ll discover some rather powerful special abilities as you go. You’ll also gain access to a range of directly casted spells, allowing you to take things into your own hands for those moments where your undead pals are otherwise occupied.

Necrosmith 2 introduces a day and night cycle to complicate matters. Your minions are more powerful under the cover of darkness, but you’ll need to be careful during daylight hours. You’ll also face bigger enemies than ever before, which you’ll need to create titans of your own to counteract. Out now on Steam, Necrosmith 2 boasts a very reasonable price tag and, to go one better, if you grab it right now you can take advantage of a launch Steam sale to pick it up at an extra discount.

Necrosmith 2 is out now on Steam, with a 15% discount through Wednesday April 10. That means you can expect to pay just $6.79/£5.68 if you buy it now, or $7.99/£6.69 after that date.

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