Need for Speed Unbound release date set for EA racing game

EA has revealed its next racing game, with the Need for Speed Unbound release date set in December alongside an official reveal trailer featuring A$AP Rocky

Need for Speed Unbound release date reveal trailer - A$AP Rocky sitting on the hood of a car in a garage

EA has revealed its newest racing game, setting the Need for Speed Unbound release date for December as it unveils the next iteration of the long-running series. After many rumours and much speculation, the newest game from former Burnout developer Criterion Games has been shown off in an official reveal trailer featuring American rapper A$AP Rocky, who looks to feature prominently in the game itself.

The trailer features Need for Speed’s classic underground street racing vibes, with a blend of on- and off-road racing. Set in Lakeshore City, Unbound pitches a classic rags-to-riches story, following two friends torn apart following a robbery at a family auto shop. In the trailer, we see plenty of neon-lit cars billowing coloured smoke from their wheels as their drivers screech around corners, hurtle off construction ramps, and attempt to evade the cops trying to break up nighttime tuner meets.

The Need for Speed Unbound release date is December 2. However, EA Play members can get early access to the game with a 10-hour trial beginning three days earlier on November 29, and EA Play Pro members on PC get unlimited access to the special Need for Speed Unbound ‘Palace Edition’ starting on November 29.

You can read even more about Need for Speed Unbound on the official EA announcement page. You can watch the launch trailer featuring A$AP Rocky – and his original song, Sh*ttin Me – below:

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Stay tuned to PCGN for more news on Need for Speed Unbound as it happens. In the meantime, we’ve got plenty more upcoming PC games for you to browse, as well as our picks of the best multiplayer games and the best open-world games on PC to satisfy your cravings while you wait for December to roll around.