New Drop CSTM80 keyboard is a modders dream

Mechanical keyboard modding is more than just a gimmick and the new Drop CTSM80 gives you complete freedom to match your keys to your setup.

If you’re struggling to find a keyboard to match your desk aesthetic, Drop has launched the new CSTM80, a revolution in customizable mechanical keyboards. Even if you’re unfamiliar with keyboard modding, the CSTM80 makes it as easy as possible with both barebones and fully-assembled models to choose from.

Some of the best gaming keyboards are still way behind on customization, which is fast becoming a major factor in choosing which keyboard to purchase. Drop is not only aware of the popularity of modding, but has strived to make it as easy to start for novices while still catering to those with more experience. This is their first major product reveal since joining the Corsair family earlier this year.

The CSTM80 comes in a barebones model for $99, which allows you to transfer over any existing keycaps, cases, and switches, or the fully assembled model for $149 which comes with a standard set of keys included and a choice between the Gateron Brown or Gateron Yellow switches. The brown switches are tactile, making them a better option for productivity whereas the yellow switches are linear and a better option for gaming.

An image showing the five colors the CTSM80 is available in

As of right now, the CSTM80 only comes in a TKL (Tenkeyless) design, meaning it’s considerably smaller than a full-size keyboard and only has 88 keys as opposed to the traditional 104+.

Once you’ve chosen your base, Drop has made a ton of add-ons, including switch plates, decorative cases, and base weights, available to buy separately. These all come with their costs, but you can save on any additional items you purchase with the CSTM80 if they are processed in the same transaction.

The Drop CSTM80 is available to order right now, with shipping expected to begin on October 20.

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