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New World gold exploit countermeasure leads to new gold exploit

"We've identified an exploit and will be banning individuals who were using it"

A New World character walks towards a bag of gold

Amazon Games has temporarily disabled New World’s wealth transfer functionality due to a new gold duplication exploit that’s been doing the rounds. Unfortunately, it looks like that’s created another way for players to duplicate gold.

One player took to the game’s forums to report that starting a town upgrade can lead to the cost being added to your company wallet rather than removed if you wait for half an hour or leave the game and come back. Other players have also jumped in to share that they’ve been experiencing much of the same.

A community moderator has jumped in to explain that the team is aware of the exploit, and is “currently investigating a possible gold duplication exploit”. The moderator has also said that “the team will turn wealth transfer back on” when the exploit is investigated, though that’s led to some confusion among players as it isn’t clear which exploit they’re talking about. We’ve reached out for clarification, and will update this story if we hear back.

New World’s initial gold exploit surfaced over the past few days, leading one of the game’s community managers to explain on a separate forum post that activities like sending currency, guild treasury, trading post, and player-to-player trading will remain offline while the developers work out a fix.

Another community manager has warned that anyone caught using this exploit will be banned, further stating that Amazon will take back any gains you make regardless.

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“We’ve identified an exploit and will be banning individuals who were using it,” Amazon explained in a forum post last night (November 1). “We will have trades off for tonight while we work through and test a fix for the problem. A patch for this issue will be released as soon as possible.”

We won’t be sharing how to do that duplication glitch here, though it’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this in New World. Last month, developers had to pause character transfers as players found a way to make a few extra coins out of the process.

Amazon has also told players that it’s aware of bug with New World’s hatchet. Typically, the Against All Odds perk boosts your damage output by 10% for every enemy that’s within five metres of you. Players are reporting, however, that the boost keeps stacking after a foe leaves that radius. As such, it’s theoretically possible to build up a massive damage bonus on PvE foes like boars before tumbling into a PvP activity and wrecking house.

If you fancy getting into Amazon’s latest for yourself, our New World beginner’s guide is a grand place to start.