New World hits another player record as more EU servers come online

New World keeps bringing more servers up to deal with the absurd player counts

A New World player explores a marketplace

Hey, have you heard that New World is popular? Because it’s been absurdly successful so far – and, honestly, with the queue times as they are, it’s not like there’s much else to talk about right now. New World has been particularly difficult to get into for players on EU servers, but Amazon has been rolling out additional worlds all day, as the game is reaching ever-bigger player counts.

Since launch, dozens of new worlds in the EU central region have come online, and judging by the unofficial stat trackers, it looks like queue times in that region are finally starting to drop off. Queue times have been an issue worldwide (and other regions have been getting expanded server lists, too), but EU players have been hit the hardest. For a brief time earlier today, there were more EU players in queue than in-game.

With more players flooding into the game, the Steam player count has reached a new concurrent peak of 734,496 – just under 30k more than the record set on launch day. New World is still ranking as the fifth-biggest Steam game of all time by concurrent player count, and it’s within striking distance of the million-plus records set by Cyberpunk 2077, Dota 2, and CS:GO. (Who knows if PUBG’s three million count will ever be topped.)

In response to the New World queue times, Amazon has promised an option for free server transfers soon, so that players can get playing now, and get to wherever their friends are playing later.

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