As New World players suffer queue times, Amazon promises free server transfers

If you can't get into the New World server you want, you're getting a free transfer soon

A group of New World players explore a temple

New World is already popular. Extremely popular. It's currently the biggest game on Steam by concurrent player count, and the fifth-biggest game in Steam history by that same metric. But not all those New World players are actually playing, as servers have been struggling to keep up, and a big chunk of folks are simply waiting in queues.

Amazon is “continuing to stand up additional servers and will expand the capacity of our existing servers once we have properly tested these changes”. In the meantime, the devs are encouraging players trying to log into more congested worlds to consider trying an alternative, and are offering free server transfers once the initial rush settles down.

The devs say a server transfer opportunity is coming “in the next two weeks”. In some follow-ups on Twitter, the devs clarify that you'll be able to move to any available server once the transfer option is available, and you'll even be able to switch regions if you need to.

New World’s Steam reviews are currently sitting at just 42% positive. As you might expect, most of the complaints are directed at the server issues.

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