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It sure sounds like the New World devs are cooking up a winter festival

"I can’t get into specifics, but I can say that winter is a great time for festivals!"

A New World character in a settlement as fireworks burts overhead in the MMORPG

In-game seasonal festivals are great, aren’t they? Final Fantasy XIV has its Halloween and Christmas-style All Saints’ Wake and Starlight Celebration bashes, for example. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has its Oskoreia, Ostara, Yule, and Sigrblot seasonal shindigs. Destiny 2 has events like Festival of the Lost, and – well, you get the idea. They often signal new activities, items, and other good tidings – and it sure sounds like the New World team has something up its sleeve in the way of a seasonal celebration.

In an interview with New World game director Scot Lane, we asked about whether the devs would consider making seasonal changes to Aeternum’s map and, beyond this, if the devs have any plans cooking up for some seasonal events. Oh, and – naturally – if he could share any details with us. “Yes, yes, and a little,” he tells us. “I think seasonal events are hugely important for MMOs and something we want to do for sure.”

Sadly, Lane tells us that he “can’t get into specifics” right now, but he does add, “I can say that winter is a great time for festivals!” So, yep – it sure sounds like there’s something suitably seasonal and festive on the horizon for the MMORPG’s first winter out in the wild.

While there are no details beyond this teaser right now, New World’s fantasy land of Aeternum would surely make a great spot for some festive happenings. Just picture the quaint streets of Windsward or Everfall bedecked with seasonal adornments. Lovely.

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So, while it’s all but confirmed for now that there’s something on the way, it’ll be worth keeping a weather eye on New World’s blog and social media channels for news on what the devs have in store. With December just around the corner, it can’t be long until we find out why “winter is a great time for festivals!” in New World.

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