Nier: Automata’s sales have been “significantly above” expectations

Nier Automata Cypress Stick

It seems like robot emotions and the Yoko Taro brand of weirdness are pretty popular, as Square Enix have announced that Nier: Automata has sold better than expected in a financial briefing held earlier on in May. 

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Alongside a comment on strong sales for Final Fantasy XV (which we’re still waiting for on PC, with one tech demo being all we can really go on there), Square Enix noted that Nier: Automata was “generating sales significantly above [their] plan”. Quite what their plan was, we don’t know, and there’s no numbers on quite how well the PC version did, but that’s a good sign for further PlatinumGames/Square Enix collaborations. SteamSpy, while not perfect, put the number of Nier: Automata owners at just shy of 350,000, which may be an indicator of how well (or poorly) Square Enix expected it to do.

On top of that, during a followup Q&A, one person asked about whether the success of Nier: Automata would influence further Square Enix developments. Their response focused on how they’re going to approach further development, keeping the “major franchises” in-house and outsourcing other games in this way.

Considering Yosuke Saito recently said that a Nier remaster is possible if its sequel sold “like hotcakes”, things are looking up for those who want to see Nier remasted, and possible on PC. There’s no official word on the matter as of yet, though.

Cheers, Neogaf. In case you’re in the mood to read a financial briefing transcript, you can check that out on Square Enix’s site.