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Nightingale removes AMD FSR 3 support right before launch

Citing stress test crash results as the driving factor, Inflexion Games made the decision to only release with DLSS and XeSS for now.

Nightingale removes fsr 3

We usually talk about games adding in upscaling measures right before a launch, but in a strange and unfortunate twist, Nightingale developer Inflexion Games is removing AMD FSR 3 due to crash data it has analyzed.

Nightingale is aiming to become one of the best survival games on PC, but until it figures out the underlying problem with AMD FSR 3, some players might find the best performance hard to come by. The Nightingale system requirements don’t suggest you’ll need an overpowered gaming PC to get it running, but upscaling and frame generation tech is a useful tool for improving game performance no matter the base strength of your rig.

In its pre-release performance expectations article, Inflexion Games recommended the use of frame generation tech where possible, claiming it would lead to 80% improved performance in some cases. Now, it’s working with external teams, likely from within AMD, to try and determine how crashes are being linked to FSR 3.

Attempts are now being made to implement an older version of the tech, likely AMD FSR 2, but this won’t be ready in time for the early access launch.

No specifics were given about what was causing the crashes. This could be because, beyond the crash data, there’s nothing obvious to suggest the exact cause. It does highlight just how crucial pre-release testing is because, without it, this issue could have been disastrous for Nightingale’s early reputation.

The open communication from Inflexion Games has been impeccable, as it would have been very easy to just remove this feature with little to be explanation, especially given how late it has crept up on the studio. Instead, it has made it clear what fans and players should expect going in to the game, and what its plans are for the future.

While the Nightingale release date is near, it’s never to late to check out our multiplayer explainer so you have a good idea of how its online components work.