Steam’s flashiest new survival game is coming sooner than you thought

The Nightingale launch date for Steam Early Access has officially been changed, and the survival game will be playable early for everyone.


Good news, the Nightingale release date has been brought forward. The fantasy-survival game tasks players with finding their way through the Faewilds, a mysterious landscape full of strange terrors. The project just enjoyed a productive testing period, and developer Inflexion Games is ready to let everyone in.

Nightingale blends a variety of different aspects of popular RPGs and survival games, drawing from Skyrim, Valheim, and more. If the crafting and exploration aren’t entirely to your tastes, perhaps the PvE will grab you. Whatever the case, if you’ve been wanting to dive in, the Nightingale release date is now a whole two days earlier.

Inflexion Games has announced that Nightingale will enter Early Access on Steam on Tuesday, February 20. This is 48 hours earlier than planned, and an exciting development for anyone chomping at the bit to try the fantasy game.

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According to a press release, Nightingale’s recent demo on February 2 involved 48,000 players booting it up. Everything seemed to go smoothly, so much so, anyone could become a Realmwalker sooner than we thought.

Arran Flynn, CEO of Inflexion Games, said in a statement: “Having the game release at the start of the week not only allows our community to get into the game earlier but also gives us time to address any launch issues ahead of what’s sure to be a busy weekend.”

Nightingale is influenced by Victorian-era designs, creating an ominous atmosphere. The general thrust is that the titular city is where all remaining humans live, but after a catastrophe, the portals we use to get around collapse, stranding you and whomever you play the Nightingale multiplayer with.

You need to reopen the portal network to eventually get back to Nightingale, or die trying. Well, it is about survival! Check out our guide to the Nightingale system requirements to make sure your machine is ready, and we have a list of the best zombie games if you want a quick fling with death while you wait.

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