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How to get Nightingale twine

Twine is used in Nightingale for a number of crafting recipes, and unlocks the ability for you to craft special charms in the survival game.

A simple spinning wheel in Nightingale, used to make twine.

How do you craft Nightingale twine? Nightingale is a crafting game, so naturally there are tons of crafting and building recipes to discover as you progress through the Faewilds. Many of those will ask for twine, which isn’t a natural resource, and must itself be manufactured.

In order to unlock the twine recipe in Nightingale, there is a particular workbench you must first build, and even that can be tough to find – the crafting game certainly gives you a number of hoops to jump through to make, well, pretty much anything. Don’t worry, though, as we’re here to tell you exactly how you can get your hands on Nightingale twine, and gathering plenty of Nightingale Essence Dust is one of the first steps.

The Nightingale twine recipe in the simple spinning wheel UI.

How to get Nightingale twine

To craft twine in Nightingale, you must first have the Simple Spinning Wheel built, the recipe for which can be purchased from the Essence Trader. For the twine recipe, you must have two pieces of any fiber to craft one piece of twine.

You can also buy twine from Essence Traders, but it’s much more affordable to build your own spinning wheel, as plant fiber, used to make twine, is one of the most readily available resources in your Abeyance Realm.

The Spinning Wheel itself is also fairly simple to build, requiring just three wood bundles, 15 fiber, and one bone. Once you have this set up in your base, there is no limit to how much Nightingale Twine you will be able to craft, which can then be used to build furniture, lights, and other homely items.

The Nightingale Hand Charm Twine recipe seen in the in-game spinning wheel UI.game

Twine Charms

You can use the spinning wheel to craft twine charm, which imbues your crafting ingredient with more powers, such as additional item strength. While normal charms can be located around the world, as rewards or in chests, Charm Twine is crafted and used to build better items.

The Hand Charm Twine, for example, can be used in a building recipe to increase the strength of the item. The Simple Spinning Wheel Charm Twines and their recipes are:

  • Eye – One twine and one glass
  • Hand – One twine and one ingot
  • Heart – One twine and one polished coral
  • Mind – One twine and one refined pigment

With that, you are now able to craft as much Nightingale Twine as you could possibly need, as well as any Charm Twine. Charms can only be applied to uncommon or higher equipment though, but at least crafting better gear also goes to increase your Nightingale Gear Score, essential for going after the Antiquarian Card and further progressing through the game.