No Man’s Sky Beyond gets its first patch, with fixes for the Nexus, crashes, and more

A late-night update to No Man's Sky Beyond fixes some of its social hub issues, but its performance woes continue.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games rolled out two late-night patches after players reported issues with stuttering, crashes, and life-ending bugs. The issues appeared with the Beyond update, which launched yesterday with VR support and expanded multiplayer.

Among the promises in the No Man’s Sky Beyond patch notes was greatly improved performance on mid to low-end PCs. Unfortunately, some Beyond users immediately noted significant frame drops when traversing planets.

Hello Games founder Sean Murray did not list specific fixes for the first patch, simply citing the resolution of “a number of issues”. The second update contains further fixes, including some for its new social hub, the Nexus.

As a standout feature in Beyond, players flocked to the Nexus as soon as it dropped. Possibly due to the sudden server load, they experienced decreased performance and crashes, to the point many were unable to leave the base again.

On a personal level, I found myself crashing multiple times, T-posing throughout the base, and being catapulted into the darkness of space to my death. At first glance, the patch does seem to fix some of these issues, but your experience may vary.

To get the update, you’ll need to be on No Man’s Sky’s experimental branch. You can switch by heading to the ‘Betas’ tab of the game on Steam and entering “3xperimental” in the box. It came in at around 50MB for me and appears to be rolling out to PS4 as we speak.

Still, it’s worth noting that this isn’t an instant fix for all of Beyond’s problems. In my short testing, some performance dips were still present on planets, and hopping back into my ship at one point resulted in an instant crash.

The title’s previous Next update also came with a litany of problems. It took over a month to squash them all, so expect rocky sailing in Beyond for a little while yet.