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No Rest for the Wicked release date, early access, story, and gameplay

No Rest for the Wicked is an action RPG from Moon Studios that pits you against an unstoppable plague, a new king, and the will of a church.

No Rest for the Wicked: a person with shoulder length red hair is held by two robe-wearing people.

What is the No Rest for the Wicked release date? Moon Studios has a pretty good track record; even though it only has two games under its belt, those two games happen to be Ori and the Blind Forest and Ori and the Will of the Wisps – so, y’know, pretty good. The next game from the acclaimed studio looks to change things up quite dramatically, but in a good way.

No Rest for the Wicked is an ARPG that follows in the footsteps of games like Diablo, with a dollop of Dark Souls and a pinch of Game of Thrones for some added flavor. You’re saving the world (obviously) but there’s more at play here as you battle pestilent monsters, the church, and the biggest terror of all: politics. If you want to get up to speed ahead of the No Rest for the Wicked release date, stick with us as we take you through the story, gameplay trailers, and all the latest news.

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No Rest for the Wicked release date

No Rest for the Wicked is due to release into Steam Early Access on Thursday, April 18, 2024. This was confirmed by developer Moon Studios at the conclusion of the Wicked Inside showcase held in March.

The showcase also confirmed that No Rest for the Wicked’s early access period will be available exclusively for PC players, though a Private Division article confirms that “a full release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC [is] planned for some time after early access.”

An early access roadmap was also revealed alongside the No Rest for the Wicked launch date. The first update following the early access launch focuses on multiplayer integration for co-op and PvP, while second consists of a content update set to introduce new areas, enemies, and narrative threads. Naturally, we can also expect ongoing balance tweaks, bug fixes, and minor patches as development continues.

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No Rest for the Wicked story

The No Rest for the Wicked story is shaping up to be quite the tale, which is unsurprising considering the studio’s other ventures. You play as a mystical holy warrior by the name of Cerim, who, along with the rest of your order, has sworn to defeat the Pestilence – a plague that is sweeping the lands, transforming anything it touches into a terror.

Not only do you have to worry about the Pestilence and the horrors it brings, but the ruler of your kingdom has recently perished, with his arrogant son taking over, bringing an entirely new set of problems to the table. The newfound uncertainty with the crown has caused rebel groups to rise in an attempt to seize control.

It’s up to you, Cerim, to not only cleanse the lands and defeat the Pestilence but to shape the kingdom for the good of its citizens – what this looks like is yet to be seen, however.

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No Rest for the Wicked gameplay

The first thing that comes to mind after watching the Wicked Inside showcase is how beautiful the action RPG game is. Every frame is truly a painting with Moon Studios’ direction; dark, moody environments fill with sudden pops of color, and every character looks regal, even if they are trying to tear your limb from limb.

Combat has been a huge focus of Moon Studio with No Rest for the Wicked. Brutal, precision-based combat is the name of the game here, with players having to be ‘deliberate and strategic’ to survive the onslaught. Each weapon has its own move set, feel, and speed, giving players the chance to develop a personalized fighting style.

That’s everything we know about No Rest for the Wicked, but rest assured we’re keeping our eyes firmly planted on this action RPG ahead of its early access launch and beyond. For something similar, check out our best turn-based strategy games list, or even our best action-adventure games if you want something with a faster pace.