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3 years after it ended, beloved Steam roguelike has massive new update

Noita Epilogue 2 is here, as a massive surprise update drops for the pixel art physics-based roguelike three years after they first ended.

Noita Epilogue 2 Steam update: a pixel-art image of a wizard stood at some sort of altar

Beloved pixel physics-based indie roguelike Noita just dropped a surprise Epilogue 2 update – three years after developer Nolla Games said major updates would cease. With a 60% Steam sale to celebrate and almost 60,000 reviews sitting at 95% positive, now’s the time to give what could very well be your new favorite roguelike a try.

If you’ve never played or heard of Noita it’s a 2D roguelike game with pixel graphics where every individual pixel is physically simulated. You fight through procedurally generated levels as a magician, with spells you’ve created yourself, using elements like burn or explode to progress.

The Epilogue 2 update comes three years after the first Noita Epilogue, which Nolla Games called the “last major update” apart from bug fixes and modding improvements. There’s already an entire modding scene on the Noita Steam workshop page, but the improvements here still come as an incredible surprise.

Noita’s Epilogue 2 update comes with six new spells, eight modifier spells, six new enemies, three secret spells, new rare materials, three new boss fights, a new creature, a new secret quest, and even a brand new easter egg, too.

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Nolla Games warns that old saves won’t survive the update, so if you’re a longtime player you’ll need to go to a Steam beta branch labeled “update_20240214” to finish a run on the old build.

If you fancy yourself more creative, there’s also a whole host of brand-new modding capabilities in Noita now, letting you play around with the game’s assets and physics-based gameplay as you see fit.

The Noita Epilogue 2 update is available now, and you can get the roguelike for 60% on Steam until Monday, April 15. Expect to pay $7.99 / £6.19 right here.

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