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Nvidia is giving away free PC Game Pass codes to everyone

If you're enrolled into GeForce rewards, you can grab your free code in the Nvidia App or via GeForce Experience, but codes are limited.

Nvidia GeForce Rewards PC Game Pass

You can now claim three free months of PC Game Pass, courtesy of Nvidia. As part of the GeForce Rewards scheme, Nvidia is offering the codes to anyone with the Nvidia App or GeForce Experience installed on their PC, provided you have opted in to receive the reward.

Nvidia is known for producing some of the best graphics cards that money can buy, and its supporting software is handy for keeping your drivers up to date. Now, the GeForce Rewards program is tied directly into the Nvidia App, making it easier than ever to claim free goodies like this latest offering.

To redeem your code, head into the rewards section of the Nvidia App, which is part of the nav bar on the left-hand side of the screen. Here, you’ll see the PC Game Pass offer waiting and ready to claim.

If you don’t see the offer, it’s down to one of two possibilities. You may not be enrolled in GeForce Rewards, but it’s free and there are no limits to who can enroll, so head to the rewards webpage to sign up.

If you’re enrolled but still don’t see the offer, it may have been fully redeemed as Nvidia notes that only a limited number of codes are available. If successful, you can take your code to the Microsoft website to redeem it for your account. Codes are only valid for first-time PC Game Pass subscribers.

Once everything is complete, you can also then link your Microsoft and GeForce Now accounts and play the vast majority of the PC Game Pass titles via Nvidia’s cloud streaming service, even if you only have a free GeForce Now account.

The Nvidia App recently also added safe GPU overclocking and AV1 gameplay recording to its ever-growing list of features, as Nvidia prepares it to take over from GeForce Experience and the Nvidia Control Panel.