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This pink Nvidia graphics card has cats, but it’s too kawaii for us

With its Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 GPU, this card might not pack the most power, but it certainly wins style points for its cute cat design.

Pink cat-themed nvidia rtx 4060 graphics card

One of Nvidia’s Chinese board partners, ASL, is bringing the kawaii with its new pink graphics card. It’s easy to imagine an entire custom PC built with this vibrant card taking center stage. Better still, this eye-catching RTX 4060 is available to ship to the US and doesn’t cost much more than the standard card designs.

The Nvidia RTX 4060 isn’t the best graphics card in Nvidia’s current product stack, working as the entry-level GPU in its latest series of pixel pushers. There’s nothing wrong with settling for this card, though. It’s still fast enough for gaming at 1080p, and this particular variant is one of the smaller Nvidia cards we’ve seen as well.

An image of a pink nvidia graphics card with a vcat and pug printed at the centre of the cooling fans

This graphics card is the result of a collaboration between ASL and SupremoCat, a Chinese cartoon brand. It takes what would otherwise be an unremarkable graphics card design, and gives it the full pink kawaii treatment.

The design includes the coolest cat and pug duo, named Wuhuang and Bazhahey, donning shades at the center of both fans. Each of their names are also printed in large, colorful designs across the back of the card, next to a much larger image of a chilled-out-looking Wuhuang.

There is a statement from ASL on the creation of this cute graphics card design, but unfortunately, much of the meaning appears to get lost in translation. We’re left unsure whether we’re supposed to be friends with Wuhuang, or living in fear of their impending world domination.

A statement from ASL on the creation of it's pink nvidia graphics card

The card is only available in the US via AliExpress for $341.66, which doesn’t include shipping and taxes. If you’re an AliExpress Choice subscriber, you can get free fast delivery on your order or receive a $1 coupon if it’s late.

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