Unreleased RTX 3070 Ti listed on specs of pre-built PC

Although they’re difficult to buy right now thanks to continuous stock issues, if you want the best graphics card from Nvidia then the RTX 3070 or RTX 3080 are the best options, especially since the flagship $1,499 RTX 3090 is pretty overkill for most uses. Looking ahead, however, there could very well be another GPU sitting between them in the near future.

Gamestar recently spotted an RTX 3070 Ti on the listing of a Lenovo Legion pre-built PC on a German retailer. The specifications show the card with 16GB of VRAM – significantly more than the 3080’s 10GB, which could make it interesting when it comes to performance benchmarks against the higher-end card. This seems to be a trend from Nvidia, with its upcoming 16GB 3060 having 4GB more memory than its Ti sibling.

That amount of VRAM matches AMD’s Radeon RX 6800 and 6900 series, which could increase the longevity of the supposed graphics card as games start to eat up more VRAM. There’s been little information on the RTX 3070 Ti so far, although it’s been sighted as far back as September before resurfacing in December on an EEC listing and on an HP OEM driver list.

When it comes to the potential performance of the 3070 Ti, you’d expect it to sit somewhere between the 3070 and 3080, but with its healthy serving of VRAM, it could be closer to the latter than you might expect. On the other hand, while the 3080 has less VRAM, it uses the faster GDDR6X memory, whereas the 3070 Ti would likely use the slower GDDR6 RAM found in the 3070. And this doesn’t even consider the CUDA core count. We’ll have to wait for any future benchmark leaks to get a better idea, though.

If this card lands on shelves, you can expect the MSRP to sit somewhere around $600, neatly sandwiched between the $499 and $699 price tags of its brethren. Although, if this card is to be released in the next few months, good luck picking one up at anywhere near its retail price, as we recently saw the RTX 3060 being listed at double its MSRP ahead of its launch next week.

There were reports that the RTX 3070 Ti name had been scrapped, and there’s still time for Nvidia to pull the rug from under us to call it the RTX 3070 Super, but this latest leak keeps the rumour mill running. Until there’s any official word from Nvidia on the card, we still can’t be certain whether this card will be released.