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Nvidia’s upcoming RTX 3060 spotted online at near double its MSRP

More RTX 3060s have been listedn, and the pricing doesn't look pretty

February 15, 2021 More retailers in Europe have listed their RTX 3060 cards, and as we worried, the prices are set way above Nvidia’s MSRP.

Nvidia’s latest GPU announced at CES 2021, the RTX 3060, is set to release next week. Back in January, Videocardz noted that UK hardware retailer CCL computers had multiple RTX 3060 models listed at £499.99 (approximately $684), which is the same UK MSRP as the RTX 3070, and a 66% increase on the $329 MSRP that Nvidia announced. We’d guessed this was a bad sign of things to come, and it looks like our fears have been confirmed with more European hardware retailers listing the RTX 3060 for way above retail price.

Videocardz has spotted more RTX 3060 listings, and Portugese retailer PCDiga has three Zotac RTX 3060 cards listed between €629 and €699, with the former still being a 91% increase over the €329 MSRP.  There are slightly cheaper cards listed on European retailer ProShop, with an Asus RTX 3060 listed for €499 – but that’s still a 51% increase over Nvidia’s MSRP given back in January. And remember, these are not scalpers’ prices – we can expect them to rise further once the cards are on the second hand market.

Although disappointing, this isn’t surprising with the demand for all of the best graphics cards massively exceeding supply, and being listed by resellers and third-party retailers for a significant markup. Also, there’s no way to buy a 3060 directly from Nvidia at MSRP this time, as the company made the decision to not release RTX 3060 founders edition cards.

With this news, the re-released RTX 2060 – which is rumoured to have an updated MSRP of $290 / €300 – could end up looking like a reasonably priced deal with the current stock issues on all graphics cards.

But demand for that card is likely to be high too, as it’s still a great contender for 1080p / 1440p gaming. So, it too could end up being sold at a massively inflated price.