The rumoured Nvidia 20GB RTX 3080 Ti’s benchmarks have popped up online

Chinese hardware writer claims he has engineering sample of Nvidia's rumoured 20GB card

We’ve heard rumours of a card that will fit in between Nvidia’s top-end 3080 and 3090 Ampere cards, either being called the 3080 Ti or 3080 20GB for a few months now. While there’s still no confirmation from Nvidia on the possible new entry, we’re now seeing alleged 3DMark scores that might be able to give us some insight on what this card is capable of and just how much it could cost if it sees the light of day.

A video was published on Chinese video-sharing site Bilibili by a hardware channel whose name translates to “Big hardware player”, claiming they have an engineering sample of the 20GB 3080 card. According to Videocardz, a rough translation of the video reveals a few claims.

Its reported 7999¥ price is equivalent to around $1,250, which seems plausible given the $699 and $1,499 price tag of the 3080 and 3090 respectively. Although, unless graphics card stock issues are sorted, the card will be costing significantly more than its MSRP anyway, with scalpers making big profits on Ampere cards right now.

The alleged card was also put through 3DMark benchmarks, which Twitter leaker Harukaze5719 helpfully put into a graph against Nvidia’s flagship 3090. If it’s to be believed, you can see it trails very close behind the 3090, which is about what we would expect for a Ti variant.

The 3080 is already a brilliant card for 4K gaming, but doubling the VRAM from 10 to 20 could make it one of the best graphics cards thanks to that extra futureproofing.

We’d advise you to take this rumour with a healthy grain of salt, though. There could be something lost in translation from this video, products still in development can always change, and its rumoured December 2020 release date never did come to pass. Given that stock issues continue to persist, it could be a long while before a consumer 20GB card comes to market.