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Nvidia teases RTX 4000 GPU annoucement with “Project Beyond”

Nvidia seemingly just dropped a RTX 4000 announcement teaser, as something dubbed "Project Beyond" is now pinned to its GeForce social media accounts

RTX 4000: Nvidia GPU with green explosion backdrop

Nvidia might be finally kickstarting its RTX 4000 GPU launch, as the gaming PC giant’s social media accounts are now clad with a mysterious teaser. The promotional material arrives ahead of CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC 2022 keynote, and its “#projectbeyond” label suggests we’ll soon get a glimpse at the company’s future graphics card plans.

The short Nvidia teaser doesn’t explicitly mention anything to do with RTX 4000 GPUs, it currently sits on various global GeForce Twitter accounts. Clocking in at around nine seconds long, the clip almost looks like a Windows Media Player audio visualiser, but it’s likely supposed to invoke futuristic vibes by resembling interstellar lightspeed travel.

It’s worth noting that the teaser’s branding could mean we’ll hear about more than the green team’s next best graphics card range. While I’m hanging onto hope that it’s actually a reference to the Madness song “One Step Beyond,” there’s little chance we’ll see Jensen playing the Saxophone and wearing a Fez. Instead, the CEO will likely delve into Omniverse – the company’s metaverse-related real-time graphics platform.

RTX 4000: Nvidia GPU on mirrored backdrop

Nvidia’s social media nod is a glimmer of next-gen GPU hope, but there’s still a chance it’s got nothing to do with RTX 4000. Therefore, we’d still recommend holding your excitement for a more explicit announcement, even though the GeForce lineup’s presence feels like a given at this stage.

Even if Project Beyond is an RTX 4000 teaser, there’s still much we don’t know about the launch. The rumour mill claims Nvidia is struggling to make its mind up about RTX 4070 specs, and we may end up with two RTX 4080 models at the same time. Whispers also hint that only the RTX 4090 will release this year, a decision that would restrict many enthusiasts from jumping on the gaming PC bandwagon.

Of course, if Nvidia successfully cobbles together a solid RTX 4000 release date plan, the lineup could include monstrous GPUs that feature twice the power of an RTX 3090. Additional rumours point towards the RTX 4070 trading blows with the RTX 3090 Ti, so you might want to hold fire on buying a graphics card till Nvidia shows its next-gen hand.