Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs are apparently headed to China soon, maybe

Reports are emerging that Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 GPUs could be in the hands of Chinese partners in less than a month but the likelihood of this is questionable

Three Nvidia GeForce RTX cards stand against a black backdrop

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 4000 release date is supposedly drawing near, and the Lovelace GPU rumour mill has gone into overdrive. Now, murmurs are emerging that team green’s upcoming best graphics cards are apparently headed to China very soon.

This claim regarding Nvidia RTX 4000 GPU stock comes by way of Ilya Korneychuk, co-founder of the Pro Hi-Tech YouTube channel. During a recent tech news roundup, Korneychuk mentions that one of their sources in China has said that it expects to receive the first batch of next-generation graphics cards in less than a month (via Videocardz).

However, this seems highly unlikely for several reasons. For starters, most hardware leakers believe that the release date of the first and perhaps only RTX 4000 GPU to launch this year, the RTX 4090, will fall in October. As such, it makes very little sense that Nvidia would send out cards to its partners so far in advance.

Instead, the first RTX 4000 GPUs will likely make their way to retailers sometime in late September or early October, following the start of mass production in August as claimed by Igor’s Lab. That is, of course, unless Nvidia chooses to withhold stock in a bid to cull the remaining RTX 3000 cards that are piling up in warehouses and flooding the used market.

Until we get an official word from Nvidia itself, as always, make sure to take all rumours with a healthy seasoning of salt, lest you get too carried away on the hype train.