Nvidia RTX 4000 reveal event potentially set for next month

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will share more details on the Ada Lovelace architecture in September, and may give us a sneak peek at the company's GeForce GPU series

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang holds a GeForce graphics card in his hand, as he may an Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics card in the near future

GeForce fans rejoice, as it looks like Nvidia is gearing up to reveal to potentially reveal its next generation RTX 4000 graphics card series very soon. So, if you’re keen to learn more about team green’s Lovelace architecture as soon as possible, we’d suggest keeping your calendar as free as possible for the next month or so.

During a recent earnings call, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang teased what sounds like plans for a potential RTX 4000 reveal event. Huang began by describing current market conditions as a “sudden slowdown in consumer demand” which has led to a wave of RTX 3000 GPU price cuts. However, he remains adamant that “the fundamentals of gaming are strong” and that the company will “go into next year with [its] new architecture.”

Huang concludes by announcing that he will share more details on Lovelace, the microarchitecture powering RTX 4000 graphics cards, on September 20 at GTC 2022. The CEO promises to share “new advances of RTX reinventing 3D graphics and gaming.”

Hold onto your butts, as it’s beginning to sound like we’re on the cusp of a new generation of the best graphics cards, which should begin with the RTX 4090. Try to contain your excitement, though, as you’d be best served waiting for AMD RDNA 3 competitors to make it on to the scene, so you can make the most informed decision for your system.