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This Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU might be too chonky for your PC case

Custom RTX 4090 installed in a Lenovo Legion gaming PC are making the rounds, and the graphics card's comical size could be a sign of things to come

rtx 4090: GPU with sad text face in front of PC case with open side

Images of a custom RTX 4090 GPU are floating around online, and it could be the chonkiest Nvidia graphics card yet. Current-gen options like the RTX 3090 Ti aren’t small by any means, but it looks like the next-gen flagship will make even large PC case spaces feel cramped.

The RTX 4090 in question looks like a custom Gigabyte model, but the leaked images don’t include brand information (via Wccftech). Nestled within a Lenovo Legion gaming PC, the card’s edge-facing badge is also blurred, but visible digits hint that it is indeed a next-gen flagship model.

It’s worth noting that while this specific RTX 4000 graphics card seemingly takes up four PCIe slots, Nvidia’s reference RTX 4090 won’t necessarily be as girthy. That said, renders of the flagship suggest it’ll be dummy thicc, so GPUs the size of older home consoles may become a norm soon.

RTX 4090: Nvidia graphics card installed in a Lenovo PC
Image: NGA Forums

Just like with all RTX 4000 leaks and rumours, we’d advise pairing these GPU pictures with a pinch of salt. Even if the RTX 4090 depicted is a legitimate best graphics card contender, it’s hard to tell whether it belongs to Gigabyte, Lenovo, or if it’ll actually appear as an available product.

If this GPU kaiju, and others like it, do show up to the fold, you may have to invest in the best PC case available to accommodate its stature. That’s not to say it won’t fit in any tower, but when you consider the fact that the MSI RTX 3090 Suprim X takes up substantial space in Corsair’s roomy iCUE 5000T chassis, it’s clear to see why it could be an issue.

Gigabyte is reportedly cooking up an army of RTX 4090 GPUs, so this beast could be part of its planned lineup. Retail listings also point toward ridiculous price tags, so opting for a custom graphics card could cost you big time.