The RTX 4090 melting problem is bad, but fixing it is worse

Melting connectors in the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 sees a stream of units needing a fix which is proving risky for those with the skill help.

RTX 4090s melting is a health issue

Melting PC components is never good, but when your brand new Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 starts acting up, that’s when the worry kicks in. Well, it turns out that fixing these melted connectors is a bigger issue for the health of whoever is repairing it, especially if they’re not taking the proper precautions.

NorthridgeFix took to their YouTube channel to talk about the issue where the 12VHPWR connectors are literally melting on Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics cards. Not only do they dispute claims from Gamers Nexus that the issue is one caused by the user, but they take us through their safety protocols for when they fix a card, and it’s apparent that it’s no laughing matter.

A worrying stat that NorthridgeFix throws out is that they are receiving approximately 25 RTX 4090s a week – or 100 a month – with the same issue. Melting hardware is nothing to take lightly, but what caught our eye is the precautions they are taking to ensure no ill health comes to them during the repair process.

The first precaution is the use of a respirator mask, commonly used when tackling asbestos, mold, or harmful fumes. This sits over the mouth and nose and contains two large filters to ensure the air flowing into the mask is safe. NorthridgeFix claims that the smell of a burnt connection is that of “fireworks times ten”, before going on to say “It cannot be healthy to keep smelling burnt connectors”.

The next precaution is two extraction sources. One to sit at the side of a card while it is being fixed, one to sit directly above. These are great for filtering out air safely to an external location, or to process through a filter.

Finally, they purchased a large air purifier to ensure that the air quality in their workspace is as clean as possible. This seems like less of an issue for when they’re working on cards and instead something to protect anyone who may enter the office while work is in progress or shortly after it has finished.

The most telling statement on this RTX 4090 melting issue, however, sheds light on the risks involved for those who make it their job to fix it. “What good is it if you are fixing 100 cards a month, but you lose your health, you have to pay attention.” While NorthridgeFix makes no outright claim that the process of fixing the RTX 4090 melting problem is harmful to health, it would take a very brave – or more likely stupid – soul to believe that there is no impact from the repair process if they are entirely unprotected.

You can check out the full video from NorthridgeFix below, where they detail the precautions involved, and work through the process of how to fix an RTX 4090 that is suffering from the melted connector issue.

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