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RTX Remix opens its doors to all modders with upcoming beta

Just over one year on from its initial reveal, you'll soon be modding your favourite classic games with Nvidia's AI-driven RTX Remix tech.

RTX Remix Open Beta date revealed

An RTX Remix open beta date has been revealed by Nvidia at CES 2024. During its showcase live stream, Nvidia revealed more details surrounding the official Half-Life 2 RTX project, and an RTX Remix open beta date of Monday, January 22.

While Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR have dominated the performance conversation in recent months, the RTX Remix program has still been operational, with some lucky modders having the tools to offer classic games a new lease of life, provided they had one of the best graphics cards to handle the tech.

Up until now, you’ve had to sign up in hopes of being accepted into the RTX Remix beta, but come January 22, availability is opening up en masse.

Part of the Nvidia Omniverse platform, RTX Remix allows for easy access to game assets, so modders can do what they do best, and bring incredible new lighting effects and improved textures to games in need of some love. There is also the option to bring DLSS to these titles and the entire process is made easier thanks to AI enchantment tech.

You can check out the RTX Remix Discord channel for some insight into what projects are being worked on, with some even having an open-source approach to get the best results. Games like Max Payne, Need for Speed Underground 2, Tony Hawk’s Underground 2, and Bully all have RTX Remix projects being worked on. This is in addition to bigger re-releases of games like Half-Life 2 RTX Remix.

You can benefit from mods created with RTX Remix so long as you have access to an Nvidia RTX-series GPU, but to get the full experience, you’ll need one of the top GPUs around, notably anything from the Nvidia RTX 40-series, as these are currently the only cards with access to DLSS 3.

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