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NZXT’s new PC case has an awesome feature to make your build tidy

With its new F Series RGB Core fans and clever lower fan placement in its new H7 case, NZXT is building its products smarter, not harder.

nzxt h7 flow 2024 01

NZXT has just announced a brand new case the refines the already simple and smart look of its older H7 Flow design. The new and updated NZXT H7 Flow PC case has some really clever additions that make it easier than ever before to build a clean-looking gaming PC with minimal effort.

The original NZXT H7 Flow case impressed us enough with its design, even if it never quite made it to our best PC case guide, although its sibling, the NZXT H6 Flow has a place on it. However, with the new H7 Flow, NAXT has brought some genuine ingenuity to its design.

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The key new feature here, other than the front and top panel designs that just look incredibly clean, is the new lower fan mount. NZXT has built in a cutaway under the case to aid air being pulled into the chassis, but then cleverly dropped the fan mount area into this void, so your chosen fans sit flush with the rest of the case’s base.

Completing this look is the fact that the power supply shroud area of the old design has moved. The PSU now sits vertically behind the fan area, but not behind the motherboard, so this isn’t a super wide case like so many goldfish bowl designs these days, such as the Hyte Y70.

nzxt h7 flow 2024 04

In fact, to keep the new NZ Flow sensibly sized, NZXT has also decided not to add support for any of the various rear-cable motherboard standards, which it believes would add a considerable amount of width.

The company also pointed out that the lack of a true standard for these new connection types means it’s not worth the effort to engineer compatibility into the case, only for there to be a solid chance that neither current system ends up as a standard.

nzxt h7 flow 2024 02

However, the new H7 Flow wasn’t the first case to catch our eye when we entered NZXT’s demo area at the Computex tech trade show in Taipei. Instead, it was the company’s first case created in 2005 and shown off here as a celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary that stood out.

nzxt 20th anniversary cases

The GUARDIAN is an absolute classic throwback to PC design and modding of the time. Even then, it wouldn’t have been to everyone’s taste – at a time when truly inspiring mods like Orac3 and WMD were being built, I would’ve steered well clear. However, I remember many cases of this style back in the day.

Styled as though the titular guardian is embodied in the case with a warrior’s helmet-like front section, and armor-like rivets on its side panel, there’s no fragile glass here. Just real steel!

nzxt 20th anniversary case guardian

Back to building a clean-looking PC in a case like the new Flow H7, NZXT has also created a new range of fans that conjoin two or three fans together as a single unit with a single cable, just like with the new Hyte FP12 Duo and Trio fans.

nzxt fp12 duo and trio fans

Unlike the similar Hyte fan system, these new NZXT F Series RGB Core fans use standard RGB and fan cables, just combined into a single convenient cable. Like Hyte, though, the pricing of these fans is the same as buying the same number of individual fans, when to us it seems like they actually should be slightly cheaper. However, they do create a wonderfully clean-looking system and make cabling much easier.

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