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Excellent free Steam Payday rival adds casino heist mission

Payday 3 rival One-Armed Robber introduces a new mission, the Black Diamond Casino heist, available to play now in the free Steam game.

Excellent free Steam game One-Armed Robber adds new casino heist level - masked croupiers stand around poker tables piled high with chips and bundles of money.

With Payday 3 still struggling to recover from a rocky launch, one free Steam game that’s worth your time has just added a new casino heist mission. The glitz and glamor of the Vegas lights are enticing enough, but the allure of all successfully lifting that cash has long been the pinnacle of heist games. GTA 5 and San Andreas will always stick in the mind for their respective offerings, and now One-Armed Robber is joining the fray with its new update.

If you’ve yet to play One-Armed Robber, there’s really no reason to hang around. Available as a free Steam game, with the ability to take on its heists solo or in online co-op with friends, it’s an easy sell. The pitch, as the title suggests, is that you only have one arm, meaning that you’ll have to meticulously switch between weapons, tools, and your free hand to grab cash and other valuables, stuffing it all into bags so that you can carry it out.

Despite its simple presentation, the full arm control and use of physics adds a lot to the sense of really being immersed in the chaos of a heist. Having to manually pick up and drop every stack of notes into your duffel bag, knowing that security might round the corner at any moment, is far more satisfying than the ‘Hold E to steal cash while you look around’ of other games. I’m a big fan of One-Armed Robber, and its Steam user score of 90% from over 16,000 reviews seems to agree with me, too.

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The new Black Diamond Casino heist takes you to the dreamland of any heister worth their salt. “Try to win it big on the slots, or try to win bigger by robbing the place,” developer Duhndal writes. Of course, while all those chips, cash, and bonds offer a potential payday normally limited to your wildest imagination, you’ll have to deal with a wealth of guards, cameras, and state-of-the-art security systems in order to walk out with cash in hand.

That offers plenty of potential for all manner of sneaky options, such as pickpocketing security cards from wandering guards and cutting open vault doors. If going loud is more your style, however, expect some of the biggest and most chaotic gunfights yet on your hands as security and police alike flood through the halls. Or you can, if you want, simply sit down and play the slots – though that certainly won’t guarantee you walking away ahead either.

Make it to the vault and you’ll have to deal with laser arrays, which can be deactivated if you figure out how – but only for brief 30 second intervals, adding to the frantic nature of things if you want to ensure that you don’t accidentally become trapped inside. Alternatively, you can uncover a secret underground mob casino where the real big money trades hands; unfortunately, a biometric scanner on the door means you’ll need one of those hands to even get in, where presumably you’ll have to watch out for guards and miffed mobsters alike.

One-Armed Robber Black Diamond Casino - an outside shot of the new location, a large casino building with a neon sign.

The One-Armed Robber Black Diamond Casino heist is out now. You can play One-Armed Robber for free on Steam, simply head over to the store page to download it and get started.

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