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This free Steam game is like Payday 3, but with a chaotic twist

One-Armed Robber is a chaotic FPS heist game with a unique twist: you and your co-op friends have just one arm each to pull off your crimes.

One-Armed Robber is a free Steam game that takes on Payday 3 and GTA 5 with a unique twist - Two men in white shirts walk away from several security guards, money flying into the air around them.

Payday 3 is a heist game with a lot of promise, but there’s definitely some creases to be ironed out, and if you’re already a big fan of the FPS series then you’ve probably already snuck, stormed, and blasted your way through everything that Payday 2 has to offer, and we’ve all had our fill of the GTA 5 heists by now. But what about something new? One-Armed Robber is the follow-up to a beloved 2022 co-op game, puts a distinctive spin on the heist simulator (you can probably already guess what it is), and best of all is a free Steam game.

One-Armed Robber comes from indie developer Duhndal, makers of 2022’s One-Armed Cook. Following on from the success of that game, which currently holds a ‘very positive’ 92% Steam rating from nearly 20,000 reviews, the team has turned its unique approach to the heist genre, taking on the likes of Payday 3 and Grand Theft Auto 5 with its latest offering. In even better news, you won’t have to convince your friends to shell out any money to try it out with you in between your Lethal Company sessions, as it’s a free Steam game.

In One-Armed Robber, you’ll take on all manner of heists from bank jobs to stealing priceless artworks from high-security vaults. Unfortunately, you only have the use of one arm, meaning you’ll need to swap between your weapons, equipment, and an empty hand to grab all those valuables. Handily, you can make use of a duffel bag to carry multiple things at once – whether those be drills, C4 charges, or all those gold bars and stacks of cash you’re hoping to leave with.

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While there’s certainly a simplicity to it, I actually love the physicality that One-Armed Robber brings to the feel of heisting. If you’ve played Duhndal’s previous game, or games like Surgeon Simulator that task you with doing precise activities manually, you’ll know how much fun can come from trying to pull off simple actions in the heat of the moment.

Actually having to get down and focus on drilling out a lock, or trying to frantically drop stacks of cash cleanly into your duffel bag, only to try and pull out the drill you were carrying to make more room for the money, spilling your already-loaded cash all over the floor, is beautiful chaos. It works especially well here, really putting you in the moment and emphasizing every single action far better than simply holding down a key to stash cash in a bag can ever achieve.

You can take on all the game’s heists in stealth or go in guns blazing. Choose to approach quietly and you’ll have to make careful decisions – for example, shooting out a window makes for a quick and easy access point, but it’ll instantly raise the alarm. Going loud might be the simpler option, but when you’re desperately spilling valuables on the floor as the security teams close in, you might regret your decision. As you progress, you’ll unlock new tools, including ones that open up all-new approaches to heists.

One-Armed Robber - Two people wearing panda masks stand by a door. One kneels to lockpick it, as the other stands guard with a pistol.

One-Armed Robber is out now on Steam, and it’s a free game. Head here if you’re eager to test out your ability to pull off The Big One.

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