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9/10 Payday style free Steam game gets refined with new map

One-armed Robber, the excellent free Steam game filled with co-op heist action in the style of Payday 3, gets a new map, Lundenburg Liquors.

Free Steam game One-armed Robber gets new map - A man in a white t-shirt flees from security, money flying into the air behind him.

Whether you’re a Payday 3 fan or not, One-armed Robber is well worth a look. Holding a 9/10 user rating, the free Steam game is a perfect option for those of you wanting some co-op heist action without having to spend anything. Now, in a new free update, developer Duhndal introduces another high-end location for you to raid – and it’s all about securing those fine vintages.

One-armed Robber is an absolute delight. While it might not have the high production values of a Payday 3 or The Finals, there’s something unquestionably charming about the way this indie FPS game looks and moves. Taking on all manner of heists in single-player or co-op with the challenging restriction of using just one hand, you’ll have to work hard to stay on top of everything.

Best of all, as a free Steam game it’s easy to round up a crew to join you for some heists – and now there’s a fresh target in town. Lundenburg Liquors is the new One-armed Robber map, and boasts “one of the most expensive wine collections in the country” in its high-security cellar.

One-armed Robber new map Lundenburg Liquors - staff and security walk around a wine store.

Of course, there are plenty of top-shelf wines available on the main floor, but to get the good stuff you’ll need to head downstairs, where you’ll find a series of cells holding the special reserve. Each of these will have to be unlocked, and you’ll also need to disable the array of security lasers if you want to avoid setting off the alarms.

In addition to this, the most valuable bottles are also individually security-tagged. That means you’ll need to decide whether to opt for the lower-end wines, which are still probably worth a fair chunk of change, or disable the security tag detector to avoid setting it off when you stroll out with your haul.

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One-armed Robber is available as a free game on Steam, and its new Lundenburg Liquors map is out now. It’s a great reason to come back, and a welcome reminder to play it if you haven’t yet given it a shot.

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