Stardew Valley blasts off to space in this sci-fi farming game

New farming game One Lonely Outpost has just released, and its sci-fi twist makes it look a lot like if Stardew Valley was set amid the stars.

A blond farmer boy with a robotic arm stands holding a giant red radish. In the background, a robotic cow can be seen.

Stardew Valley, but make it space. That’s what the new farming game One Lonely Outpost strikes me as at first glance. This galactic indie game is developed and published by Freedom Games, a studio known best for other cozy titles like Cat Cafe Manager and Mail Time. One Lonely Outpost stands apart from its other published games with its alien setting and focus on terraforming. As the first person to hit a barren planet, it’s your job to make the most of life in One Lonely Outpost.

Freedom Games describes your job in-game as “simple.” Take your space rover, power up your multipurpose tech gauntlet, and use whatever seeds are found in the cargo to start a new life in this alien world. The goal in One Lonely Outpost is to eventually make the planet life-sustaining for not only yourself but dozens of other colonists coming in the future. Gameplay mechanics include many familiar to us farming fans. You can catch bugs, cook, craft, farm, fertilize, fish explore, mine, and more.

While the planet is indeed lonely while you prepare it for future life, you are accompanied by a robotic pet and can even care for robotic animals. Eventually, you can connect with the planet’s new bustling community and build relationships. Just like in Stardew Valley, you can eventually find love. While Stardew has its Junimos, One Lonely Outpost’s planet has its own mysteries and secrets to unveil.

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If you love games like Stardew Valley and this looks like your kind of thing, you can grab it now on Steam here for 20% off thanks to its introductory offer. One Lonely Outpost is currently $15.99 / £13.40. The sale will last until Monday, July 3, and you can always opt to make use of Steam refunds if you find you dislike the game as long as you’ve put in just two hours or less.

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