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We love this cherry blossom gaming PC from Origin

This cherry blossom rig doesn't compromise on specs, with an Intel Core i9-14900K and Nvidia RTX 4090, plus a matching SCUF controller.

Origin cherry blossom gaming PC

Your gaming PC doesn’t have to be housed in a standard black box with angry red lighting, and if your tastes verge on the softer side you’re going to love this new cherry blossom PC bundle from US system builder Origin. Not only is the PC case itself decorated with cherry blossom images, but you also get a matching SCUF Envision game controller and Corsair mousepad.

Cherry blossom is quickly catching on as a theme in the PC hardware industry, largely thanks to it being a recurring theme in anime. We recently reviewed the Akko MOD007B Tokyo gaming keyboard, which was similarly clad in pink and white hues. This Origin system isn’t just a pretty box either – its spec could make it one of the best gaming PC models available.

It’s all housed in a fetching white Corsair iCUE 5000X RGB case, which has tempered glass panels on the front and side, and the component specs are also amazing. You get an Intel Core i9-14900K CPU, which is the most powerful Intel CPU listed on our best gaming CPU guide, and this rig is also equipped with an Nvidia RTX 4090 GPU, which is the best graphics card you can buy right now – you’ll have no trouble playing games at 4K with top settings on this system.

That high-spec CPU is also paired with a suitably powerful Corsair iCUE Link H150i RGB AIO cooler, with three fans, and you even get a massive 5TB of NVMe solid state storage as well, with a 1TB Corsair MP600 Core XT system drive, plus a 4TB MP600 Core XT for extra storage space.

Spotting that there’s a large market for cherry blossom-themed gaming PC setups, Origin (which is now owned by Corsair) has also included some extras in this bundle that match the theme. This means you get a SCUF Envision game controller, which is similarly finished in cherry blossom livery, while the pink Corsair MM350 Pro mousepad also sports cherry blossom branches across its massive 930 x 400mm surface area.

All this awesome hardware doesn’t come cheap, of course, even without its cherry blossom finish. The Origin PC Cherry Blossom RTS Desktop bundle costs $4,594.49, but it looks like a fantastic PC, especially if you like its styling. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, make sure you check out our full guide on how to build a gaming PC, enabling you to choose the exact spec you want.