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Free PC games - grab these two 9/10 puzzlers while you can

Two stunning indie puzzle games with 9/10 ratings are yours to keep for free this week, so make sure to snag The Forest Quartet and Out of Line while you can.

Out of Line - A figure holds a golden spear as they walk alongside two companions, in one of two free games alongside The Forest Quartet.

If you love free PC games as much as we do, you won’t want to miss this pair of absolutely gorgeous indie puzzlers, which can be yours completely free this week. Out of Line and The Forest Quartet are both up for grabs as part of the recurring Epic Games store free game promotion, and they’re two rather different but equally beautiful puzzle games.

The first of your two free PC games for this week is The Forest Quartet, a haunting, emotional story about the lead singer of a musical quartet who has passed away. Taking control of her spirit, you’ll travel through three acts, each of which represents one of her bandmates and their relationship to her, as the remaining trio prepare one final farewell concert for their companion.

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Out of Line is your second free game, and it’s a hand-drawn 2D adventure game filled with all manner of puzzles. You take charge of San, a young boy determined to escape the factory that has been his home. Key to his adventure is the spear he carries with him, which can be used to manipulate the environment in various ways, placed into walls to help him climb, or thrown at otherwise out-of-reach objects.

You’ll also encounter several characters on your adventure, some of whom will aid San in his quest to escape. With visual design and themes that feel like a rather beautiful halfway house between Inside and the Ori games, Out of Line is a game that will stick in your mind long after you’ve finished San’s journey.

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The Forest Quartet and Out of Line are both free games on the Epic Games Store from Thursday September 21 to Thursday September 28, 2023. They’re yours to keep once you’ve claimed them, so be sure to head to The Forest Quartet page and the Out of Line page on the Epic store to pick them both up by then.

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