Prime Gaming’s free games for September have arrived

This month's free games include Outcast - Second edition, Autonauts, and more

It’s a brand new month, which means another helping of free games from Prime Gaming. That’s the new branding for Twitch Prime, in case you didn’t get the email, and it’s included with subscriptions to Amazon Prime. That means that if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’re getting free games every month, and all you have to do is link your Amazon and Twitch accounts to claim them on the Prime Gaming loot page.

Headlining this month’s slate of freebies is Outcast – Second Contact. It’s a modern remake of the classic 1999 open world game that blends RPG exploration with sci-fi action. While it’s got some of that ancient-feeling ’90s humour baked in, exploring the alien world of Aldephia is still a great time, and Outcast – Second Contact has an 85% ‘very positive’ user review score on Steam.

Autonauts, from Curve Digital, is also free this month. It’s an adorable spin on the automation genre, in which you start by chopping down trees and building a workbench, and eventually find yourself constructing robots who watch and learn from everything you do. You’ll build towns, farms, and factories for the bots to use, and eventually establish a spaceport to sell the goods you produce.

Also from Curve Digital this month is Pumped BMX Pro, which is a fun and lightweight take on the format established by the Trials series. You’ve got a BMX bike and your job is to ride it off jumps and do sick tricks.

This month’s Prime Gaming haul also includes Effie, which is a beautiful-looking 3D action adventure done in the style of classic Dreamcast or N64 3D platformers. You’ll explore a fantasy world using a magic shield that doubles as a hoverboard.

Physics-bending FPS Impulsion and co-op arcade shoot ’em up Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops round out this month’s bundle of free games from Prime.

To claim them, you’ll need to link your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts, as mentioned above. Then you’ll need to download and install the Amazon Games launcher (you’ll find a link when you click ‘download and play’ on any of the games on your loot page). You’ll find all your Prime Gaming games in there, ready to install.